Gig Tips

After many years on the road and gigs I thought this may be helpful to those of you that are putting a party on, and are not doing it every year.


How many should I invite?

In my years of experience however popular you think you are, and good friends you think you have, believe me - invite 100 and 75 will turn up.

My advice is for example, the room holds 150, so invite 200.

Even if the 200 turn up [which they won’t] it makes for a great atmosphere.

Don’t take it personally, it's just the way people are these days ………..“yes we will be coming” even up to the last minute then don’t turn up, lol.

Can be tough on the person who’s party it is and the DJ.

cartoon of acid house party on island
ID parade with smily headed man

The Room or Venue

With the smoking laws it is difficult to ever have the room totally full. Which is understandable and again backs up my advice with reference to invites.

The ideal situation, especially if you’re having a buffet, is Bar, Dance floor, and food all in the same room.

Keep everybody together.

Toughest Gig as an example.

Doing a 50th at a venue where the dance floor, the bar and buffet were in three separate rooms - combine this with people outside smoking!

The Room held 120. I guess about 100 turned up; divide this into 4 locations, you can imagine how tough it was to get a full dance floor.

With some help from the lady who’s party it was and some stern mike work we got them all in and gave them a good time, however , it was 11.15 and the finish was 12.

Apart from the thank you shouts there was a few “why you finishing now?“ only been playing since 9pm!

Best Gig Example

Again a 50th.  150 guests [so about 120 turned up], the bar , the dance floor and the food all in the one room - DJs dream, lol.


From a DJs point of view the earlier the better, apart from drink loosening people up, the “stop for the buffet” can set the atmosphere back.


Obviously depending on the finish times of the venue.

12 Finish

Invite people for 8pm, I start with laid back tunes about 8.30 and kick in the dance about 9.30 or after the buffet, finish at 12.


1am Finish

Invite People for 8.30, I start 9 with laid back tunes and kick in with the dance about 9.45 as hopefully the buffet is over by then finish at 1am.

This is just guides for the times and more than happy to work with whatever suits you or the party – no problem.

Right, let’s get this party started - see you on the dance floor.